Adolescent Pregnancies and the Transmission of HIV: Two Destabilizing Factors of Society

In honor our our dear friend and former Living Legacy Award honoree Dame Elizabeth Taylor whose passing yesterday has left our world stunned, we share this program as an example of HIV reform at work, in honor of the great humanitarian strides she made via amFAR and the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Adolescent Pregnancies and the Transmission of HIV: Two Destabilizing Factors of Society

Many years ago, The Women’s International Center recognized Rotary International as an Outstanding Organization and at this year’s Living Legacy Awards, the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Club # 5390 presented a scholarship to the General Raymond L. Murray High School Scholarship Fund. WIC CEO Dr. Bridget McDonald is simultaneously a proud Rotarian and learned of an important project led by Dr. Amparo Buendida of the Bogotá-Centennial Rotary Club, presented here in an article by past Rotary International Director, Dr. Bill Cadwallader. This article is posted with permission from Dr. Cadwallader and has also been published in the PDG magazine for the Past District Governors of Uruguay and by the District Governor of D4855 in Argentina as well as the Mexican and Brazilian Rotary magazines.

By Dr. Bill Cadwallader, PRID

The increase in the numbers of adolescent pregnancies and the transmission of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), the cause of AIDES (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome), are two important reasons for social destabilization and two problems which should worry many of the leaders of our world communities.

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