A Weekend at the 2012 California Women’s Conference


A Weekend at the 2012 California Women’s Conference

On Sunday, September 23 & Monday, September 24, the Women’s International Center attended the 2012 California Women’s Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center. Each year, the conference is an important event celebrating and encouraging women in every aspect of their lives, such as being a mother, a business woman or an activist committed to improve women’s as well as men’s lives.

As an inspiration for the event, Michelle Patterson, the CA Women’s Conference producer, said “the future is now for women committed to success”. Becoming the theme of the conference, the future of women in a new economy was reflected during the main stage presentations and the different seminar sessions that dealt with a variety of subjects such as how to live a balanced life for women and moms, how to be a healthy woman, how to be fearless or topics like women in the military, women in sports, women in social media, women in business or women entrepreneurs.

To illustrate the success that women have when they fight for what they want and encourage them to act, many speakers joined the conference. One of the keynote speakers, the actress Marcia Cross shared her experience of balancing life, career and being a mom, as many women deal with in their lifetime. The attorney and women’s rights advocate Gloria Allred talked about her fight to get justice for women who, in a modern society in which women are supposed to be equal to men, still face discrimination and injustice worldwide. Some successful actresses of the past, like Tippi Hedren, Carole Channing and Rose Marie, three of the Living Legacies honored by the Women’s International Center, told their stories to women who admire them as examples of successful women. Singer-songwriters also took part in the event, such as Melissa Manchester, Helen Reddy and many others.

The California Women’s Conference is the nation’s largest women’s conference honoring women who have succeeded and encouraging those who are working hard to be successful in life. “Women’s Economy Starts Here” summarizes the goal of this conference helping women to get started or improve in business, live a balanced, healthy life as women, as moms, and as professionals.

For more information, visit the CA Women’s Conference Website: http://californiawomensconference.com/

By Sacha Vignault, University of La Rochelle, Intern for the Women’s International Center

Read more about our Living Legacy Honorees Carole Channing, Tippi Hedren & Rose Marie on the Women’s International Center website: http://www.wic.org/

About Women's International Center

Women’s International Center [WIC] was founded in 1982 as a non-profit education and service foundation [501c3] with the mission to ‘Acknowledge, Honor, Encourage and Educate Women’. For nearly thirty years at our Living Legacy Awards ceremonies, we have brought hundreds of people together to celebrate the accomplishments and lasting contributions of women. Please visit our website at wic.org for more information.
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